Synthetic Putting Green Installation in Tampa

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For the average Tampa golfer's backyard, synthetic putting greens can be a cost effective solution to those putting woes. Our trusted partners specialize in synthetic putting green installations in Tampa so you can work on your golf game without maintaining all that grass.

Synthetic putting green installation cost in Tampa

Depending on the square footage you are looking to cover, synthetic putting greens in Tampa cost between $15.2 and $35.85 per square foot. Prices are all-inclusive of design, materials, installation, but can vary greatly depending on the type of turf you choose.

Here is an average cost breakdown in Tampa:

What type of synthetic grass should I use for my backyard putting green installation in Tampa?

There are three options, we recommend polyethylene with Nylon support for most backyard putting greens in Tampa:

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Actual Synthetic Putting Green Installation Customer Requests in Tampa FL

What type of synthetic grass would you like to install?

Golf - backyard putting green

What is the approximate size of the area you would like to install the synthetic grass?

Small (Less than 1,000 sq ft)


"Part of pool decking"

What Our Customers Say

I had a synthetic putting green installed in my backyard about 3 years ago and it was one of the best decisions I ever made. I had to talk my wife into it at first but now she loves the fact that our yard always looks good and we don't have to pay for landscaping!

My artificial putting green has been getting a little bit faster over time. It breaks more than it used to but overall it is incredible durable. I'd recommend it to others but make sure you get the more expensive polyethylene. I tried the cheaper stuff and it didn't last the first summer!

Save up to 30% by comparing synthetic putting green installers

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